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What we Do

We build digital products that enhance business



Our Background

We at Symatech Labs Limited believe great software solves great problems. Our software development journey started from humble beginnings to a point where we caught the attention of notable institutions like ILO (International Labour Organisation),Longhorn PublishersNairobi County Government and other reputable companies.

Our Vision

From inception , our main purpose was to make great software and it has never changed. We obsess a lot on not only how the software works but most importantly how it looks. This together with innovating where many think it`s impossible and taking all projects whether big or small with the same amount of vigor. Our responsibility is to give more than what the customer expects from us.

Why Clients Prefer Us?

What do you get by choosing us?

Our self-organised teams are used to taking an active role in shaping your company’s technical core, as well as putting in the center of their efforts your business success and growth.

With our cross-domain expertise you’re ready to embrace innovation. Gain a partner that shares cutting edge tech know-how, knows how to manage distributed projects and has a proven setup of remote communication.
We have an experienced team of Business Reps, who will guide your project to the right direction. Your dedicated Delivery Manager will do everything to maximise the development process efficiency.